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Vision and strategy

Number one in the sector

The company sees strong potential in the successful combination of tradition and the experience of its people with a dynamic and modern approach to construction both in the area of new technologies and in the area of human resources, as well as in taking an ecologically sensitive approach to projects.

The most sought-after employer in the sector

Talented, qualified and motivated employees are of key importance for the company. Only when we combine enthusiastic, clever minds and diligent hands are we able to achieve the greatest success. Therefore, EUROVIA CS, a.s. actively trains its own employees and supports the education of young and ambitious people, to whom the company offers employment in numerous fields.

Reliable business partner

The main priority is satisfied customers. In order for us to achieve that, it is necessary to always do qualified and professional work. The company’s long tradition, positive references, emphasis on new technologies, respect for the environment and motivation of employees are the factors that help us to ensure that our customers are truly satisfied.

Expansion of services

Road and railway construction traditionally comprises the largest part of the company’s commissions. However, sports-related construction, environmental protection projects, restoration of historical city centres and special engineering construction projects are gaining an increasingly larger share. The objective is to more emphatically present the company in these areas of construction. The EUROVIA CS Group wants to provide a high level of services and to continue building on its qualified employees, investments in technologies and modernisation of machines and facilities.