The EUROVIA CS research centres conduct laboratory, inspection and consulting activities in the field of roads and highways. They also participate in the VINCI group’s development programmes and in European and national research projects. In addition to that, the research centres collaborate with universities, the state administration and professional organisations operating in the field of roads and highways.

In 2003-2005, specialists from EUROVIA CS took part in resolving the European SCORE (Superior Cold Recycling) research task, which was focused on cold recycling. The also collaborated on the CIDEAS (Centre for Integrated Design of Advanced Structures, 2005-2011) project, as well as on the introduction of European standards as the preparers of a number of national annexes and participants in comment procedures.

Thanks to that, the EUROVIA CS Group always has the latest findings in this area, which it uses in a practical manner in its operations.

In past years, the EUROVIA CS laboratories carried out trials also for foreign firms of the VINCI group. This involved, for example, designs of emulsions for the Eurovia production plant in Poland and designs of asphalt microcarpets for the Eurovia branches in Lithuania and Croatia. For Eurovia’s Canadian branch – the company DJL – a design of SALVIACIM® asphalt-cement concrete was formulated with the use of a special resin and trials focused on resistance against the effects of chemical de-icing agents were conducted. The central laboratory carries out Salviacim-type design and trials and various other trials also for firms in Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Croatia.

EUROVIA CS laboratories conduct the following:

  • a broad range of trials according to EN and ČSN methods and departmental regulations – see the annexes on the certificate of accreditation/correct operation of individual laboratories
  • laboratory tests and tests/measuring in situ (onsite)
  • initial type trials/evidential trials for asphalts and emulsions, aggregate, asphalt mixtures, soil treated with hydraulic bonding agents, mechanically reinforced aggregate, assurance of technological supervision of construction projects

The laboratories are equipped with top-level technology particularly for testing of asphalt bonding agents, emulsions and asphalt mixtures and, for example, detection of the presence of tar in recycled material. They also possess special equipment for production of foamed asphalt and asphalt emulsions, when enables continuous development and testing of new types of those products.

As of 1 May 2019, all accredited laboratory, inspection and consulting activities in the field of construction are conducted by the subsidiary VIALAB CZ s.r.o.