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Asphalts and emulsions

Due to its properties, asphalt decisively influences most of the technologies used in modern road construction. Deformations of road surfaces caused by enormous traffic growth have shown how important it is to improve its properties.

Thanks to intensive technical cooperation with the VINCI group’s network of research laboratories, the EUROVIA CS Group has been able to introduce not only a number of modern technologies in construction, but also its own production of a new generation of asphalt emulsions and modified asphalts, including asphalts of modified, chemically bonded elastomers that are not only more resistant against meteorological fluctuations, but also withstand heavier traffic.

The POLYBITUME® group of asphalts is used in the hot- and warm-mix asphalt technologies. Thanks to the use of polymers, the thermal sensitivity of the asphalts is reduced, the cohesion of the mixture is increased and the rheological properties are improved (greater resistance to mechanical stress).