Technologies and laboratories

Our laboratories conduct trials and provide technical support in all regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They possess modern facilities and experienced workers. We are continuing in our work on research tasks: within the framework of the CESTI (Centre for Effective and Sustainable Transport Infrastructure) programme, we cooperate closely with the Faculties of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague and Brno University of Technology, especially in the field of asphalt mixtures with a high bonding-agent content for subbase layers of the RBL (Rich Bottom Layer) type as well as long-term measurement of changes in sound-absorption properties and the impact of cleaning the VIAPHONE® layer – a thin abrasive layer with a reduced noise level. In cooperation with Brno University of Technology, we are also involved in the EPSILON project, which is focused on the possibilities of combining aggregate with varying adjustment capability for the purpose of achieving anti-skid characteristics of road surfaces that are satisfactory over the long term with economical use of natural resources as well as the possibility of predicting the anti-skid properties of road surfaces over the course of time on the basis of laboratory tests.

The laboratories have also participated in comparison tests of bonding agents and asphalt mixtures in connection with the setting of requirements for their properties according to revised standards. In 2017, we became a member of a special organisation focused on the issue of BIM monitoring of structures. Development of the OMEGA shell girder, which in terms of dimensions is derived from standard T girders, took place in 2016 and 2017. The benefit of the OMEGA girder is that it weighs approximately one-third that of T girders, making it suitable for construction of bridges with restricted access.

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