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PPP project – D4 motorway

The tender for the first PPP (Public Private Partnership) project in the Czech Republic was won by an association with the name of DIVia, whose members are VINCI Highways SAS, VINCI Concessions SAS and Meridiam Investments SAS. The official name of the project is Design, Construction, Financing and Maintenance of the D4 Motorway in the Háje – Mirotice Section and Operation and Maintenance of the Existing Adjoining Skalka – Háje and Mirotice – Krašovice Sections.

EUROVIA CS will handle the design and construction parts of the project through its subsidiary DIVia stavební s.r.o.

The project includes construction of a new 32 km section of the D4 motorway and management and maintenance of 17 km of existing sections for a period of 28 years, including four years of construction. The entire project will be implemented in the full BIM version. The total value of the contract including operation for 28 years amounts to CZK 16.5 billion. The start of construction works is planned for spring 2021.

The project comprises two parts:

Greenfield part (DBFOM)

Assurance of financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance of 32 km of the four-lane D4 motorway in the Háje – Mirotice section.

Specific sections:

  • section no. 2 – intersection II/118 (Háje) – Milín
  • section no. 3 – Milín – Lety
  • section no. 4 – Lety – Čimelice
  • section no. 5 – Čimelice – Mirotice
  • section no. 6 – Mirotice, extension

Brownfield part (O&M)

Assurance of operation and maintenance of the below-mentioned sections of the D4 motorway with a total length of 16 km.

  • section no. 1 – Skalka – intersection II/118 (Háje)
  • section no. 7 – Mirotice – Třebkov
  • section no. 8 – Třebkov – intersection I/20 Nová Hospoda
  • section no. 9 – I/20 Nová Hospoda – Písek (Krašovice)

Value of the winning bid from DIVia

  • CZK 16.554 billion (discounted value as at 1 January 2020)

Duration of the project

  • Three years of construction and subsequently 25 years of operation and maintenance

Payment for services

  • Payments for availability (deductions for unavailability and insufficient quality) will be paid by the concessionaires on the basis of actual performance from the start of operation.

Project preparation history

  • Task of the government to ensure completion of the D4 in the form of a PPP: Government Decree No. 4 of 13 January 2016
  • Tender procedure for selection of a consultant (cancelled by the Office for the Protection of Competition): 09/2015–08/2016
  • Second tender procedure for selection of a consultant: 11/2016–11/2017
  • Preparation of qualification documentation: 12/2017–05/2018
  • Qualification part of the tender procedure: 05/2018–11/2018
  • Call for participation in the competitive dialogue: 12 February 2019
  • Competitive dialogue: 04/2019; 06/2019; 09/2019; 01/2020
  • Call for submission of bids: 2 March 2020
  • COVID-related postponements of the deadline for bids: 26 May -> 16 June -> 21 August -> 17 September
  • Notification on the selection of a contractor: 4 December 2020
  • Period for raising objections: 21 December 2020


  • Approval of the Concession Agreement by the government: first week of January 2021
  • Submission to Parliament for approval of financial commitments: immediately upon approval by the government
  • Parliamentary committees: end of 01/2021 or beginning of 02/2021
  • Session of Parliament: optimally a sliding session in February 2021
  • Signing of the Concession Agreement: 02/2021
  • Binding effect of financial pledges: by 17 March 2021
  • Financial closure: 03/2021
  • Start of construction by the Concessionaire: optimally by the end of 03/2021

PPP project in Slovakia

The company’s management has adopted a binding integrated management system policy of DIVia stavební s.r.o. HERE

Declaration on the scope of the integrated management system of DIVia stavební s.r.o. HERE


DIVia stavební s.r.o. is a holder of the following certificates: quality management system according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001 standard, environmental management system according to the ČSN EN ISO 14001 standard and occupational health and safety management system according to the ČSN ISO 45001 standard.