The EUROVIA CS Group implemented the first ever PPP project in Slovakia. With the official name Concession for Planning Construction, Financing, Operation and Maintenance of the R1 Expressway: Nitra – Tekovské Nemce and Banská Bystrica – North Bypass, the project included construction of a 52 km expressway divided into four sections:

1. Nitra, West – Selenec section in the length of 12.6 km
2. Selenec – Beladice section in the length of 19 km
3. Beladice – Tekovské Nemce section in the length of 14.3 km
4. Banská Bystrica – North Bypass section in the length of 5.7 km

Construction works began in September 2009; the concessionaire took over the initial sections in summer 2011. The final section to be handed over was the bypass in Banská Bystrica in 2012. The construction contractor was Granvia Construction, s.r.o., which is owned by EUROVIA CS, a.s. The concessionaire was the French company Granvia, a.s.

A selected maintenance company will take care of the R1 expressway over the course of the next thirty years. That company will be responsible not only for keeping the road clear in winter, but also for regular repairs. Conversely, Slovakia will pay for the work by means of so-called road usage. After the expiry of the thirty-year period, drivers will have access to the work in a condition corresponding to that of newly completed construction works.

Main route

Total length: 51.6 km
Category: R 22.5
Number of structural units: 850


August 2007 – decision of the Slovak government on accelerated construction of transportation infrastructure
September 2007 – decision of the Slovak government on financing in the form of PPP
March 2009 – signing of the concession agreement
August 2009 – agreement on construction financing
September 2009 – start of construction
October 2011 – handover of the first three sections for public use
June 2012 – completion of construction

Interesting data

Area of road surfaces on the R1: 1,100,000 m2
Volume of earthworks: 4.5 million m3
Volume of concrete: 300,000 m3
Maximum number of employees involved in construction: 3,500
Number of machines and freight vehicles: 850
Length of guardrails: 160 km
Number of bridges in sections 1-3: 54
Number of trees and shrubs planted: 275,000

Bridge structures

Total number: 74
Total length of bridges: 6,843 m

Grade-separated junctions

Total number: 6

Anti-noise barriers

Number of structures: 41
Total length: 32,611 m