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Bees living at company headquarters

08. 09. 2021

Bees have taken up residence on the roof of the EUROVIA CS headquarters building. Their mission is not to produce honey, as many might expect, but to help nature maintain biodiversity.

Unfortunately, many people do not realise how important bees are. However, we are aware of their irreplaceable role in the natural cycle and we are therefore pleased that they are thriving at our place, for which we are grateful to our colleague Jan Hudeček, head controller and hobbyist beekeeper.

Up to 30% of bees perish every year due to human-related causes. Bees are crucial to human life. Most people think that the purpose of bees is to produce honey, which is actually their secondary activity. Their real importance and benefit consist in pollination of plants.  Up to 90% of fruits and vegetables and 84% of agricultural crops depend at least partly on pollination by insects. Without the hard work of bees, we would not be able to enjoy, for example, strawberries, cherries, cucumbers and apples, not to mention coffee, cocoa, almonds and many other foods.

In addition to their positive impact on agricultural production, bees also contribute to the preservation of biodiversity in the wild. Without bees, wind-pollinated plants such as conifers and birch trees would dominate and gradually crowd out other flowers, fruit trees and shrubs, which comprise up to 80% of all plants. Without bees, nature would not only lose its diversity, but the animals that depend on it would also die out.

Currently, in this period of climate change, the dying-off of bees is a major problem. The solution to their alarming decline is not only sustainable beekeeping and agriculture, but especially education.